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2017 Washington, DC Moms Who Enterprise Graduating Cohort

2017 Washington, DC Moms Who Enterprise Graduating Cohort



Brittany Washington | Washington, D.C. | Elaine Cosmetics



Our instructors and the whole Walker's Legacy Foundation team  provided genuine support.  That is what I appreciated most. Throughout the whole program they were always there,  very supportive, and hands on.  You could tell that this team was genuine and really cared about our progression as entrepreneurs  and as people.  

Walker’s Legacy Foundation programs and staff have impacted my life,  I ask that before each of you  commit to investing in a Walker’s Legacy Foundation program for 2018.


Cymiah Allen | Detroit


My experience attending Moms Who Enterprise was life changing for me and my boys. It built my confidence, unmasked my potential, and it put me into a network where I am mentored by some of the best, confident, female minority entrepreneurs in the world.

My son often traveled with me to Detroit, and thus this became a family endeavor. Witnessing my commitment to pursuing training that would help me accomplish my dreams, inspired my sons to want to become entrepreneurs themselves. It was a privilege to attend a program that exhibited a high level of professionalism, and from instructors that I could identify with. The training atmosphere was outstanding, supportive, positive, and innovative.

Moms Who Enterprise is a phenomenal program that I wish every millennial mom aspiring to be entrepreneurs could have access to. I will ever be grateful to have been a part of it.

I now have the tools and networking support to move forward on my journey to building generational wealth.


Enisha Brooks | Detroit | Stealth Investment Group


One day after graduating from the program, I was walking around downtown and ran into another participant of the program. We spoke of course and chatted for a sec, but it was funny because we had to keep it short because we were both on our grind. I walked away smiling and thinking, ‘I see you sista!’  In all, I’m happy to have had the experience.

As I now reflect on my experience with Moms Who Enterprise I see that I gained a new network of women who have the same drive as me!
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Chala L. Hannon | Detroit  | The Notary Source

I have participated in several different incubator programs, but what set Moms Who Hustle Program above the rest was its focus on the whole individual.

It wasn’t just about the business – it focused a lot of me and as a mother, that was very important because we do not always get that one-on-one attention. Moms Who Enterprise was like a crash course in life, budgeting & entrepreneurship with your girlfriends and little one close by. I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not want it to end!”



Erin Hughley | Detroit | Breathless in Detroit, BiD.TV

12 weeks in this course has had a huge impact on my entrepreneurial journey. I was able to implement the practices from finances, sales, networking, target marketing and understanding my brand into my pre-existing business, which prior to starting the program I found myself was struggling with the direction I wanted it to go in. The resources, connections and peer support were immeasurable! 

I recommend this for every woman who is even contemplating starting a business, it just makes the start-up process much easier and even more exciting.


Esmay Richmond | Newark | MommyMay


Moms Who Enterprise has granted me a clear-cut path and an opportunity for growth. The young woman in the Newark Community will benefit from Moms Who Enterprise for many reasons.  They offer child care for those parents who have children an added incentive to commit to attending classes. I believe that in order to keep the Newark culture alive and growing, young women need the tools to become financially literate, learn how to build a brand, establish personal and business relationships, network, and create income for themselves. Programs like Moms Who Enterprise make all the above possible.

The program offers a positive and comfortable environment where you learn not only from your instructor, but also from your peers.


Kathryn Peterson | Newark | Yoga For Intimacy


Moms Who Enterprise has completely transformed my mindset about money, and has given me an incredible sense of community. The program’s action items have shown me that I really am the one controlling my finances, instead of my finances controlling me! The women in our group inspire me with their journeys and support; our group is not just a business community of women crushing our goals (although it is that), but also an incredible experience of love and positivity.

As a former education researcher here, I know that more than half of Newark’s school children live with single moms and that most of us are struggling. From oppressive racial inequity to the gender wage gap, our current economic system is set up to keep single moms struggling.

Moms Who Enterprise is giving us amazing tools to transcend the struggling. We are building credit, managing budgets, and creating start-ups. We are building empires. We are changing norms. We are rising up. We are teaching our children that in Newark or anywhere, we can create the life of our dreams.

Moms Who Enterprise has completely transformed my mindset about money, and has given me an incredible sense of community.


Clementine Williams | Newark |

Women in this program are from all walks of life with the same story... We are moms that hustle and we won’t be stopped.

When I came across Moms Who Enterprise, it peaked my interest instantaneously. I knew this was a project I absolutely had to be a part of as I am the quintessential hustling mom. Working a full time, a part-time job, and being an entrepreneur while raising two children, I have found that you have to be an ultimate creative and mastermind. To balance all these major responsibilities efficiently has forced me to be nothing short of a hustler. There are so many things that I have learned and still have left to learn and what better way than to surround myself with like-minded individuals that can guide me along the way. This is the village that raises the child.

Communities everywhere and especially urban communities like Newark need groups like Moms Who Enterprise. Women that need the program are from all walks of life with the same story. A story of strength beyond measure. A story of undeniable love and care for our most prized possessions, our children. And a story of hope and passion that will defy all odds and journey with us into our greatness. We are moms that hustle and we won’t be stopped.