Seeking Entrepreneurship Instructor - DC Cohort Moms Who Enterprise


Walker’s Legacy is proud to establish the Walker’s Legacy Foundation to help us reach an even greater number of women of color, many of whom have business and entrepreneurial aspirations, yet lack the basic access to education, tools and resources needed to be successful.

The Walker’s Legacy Foundation is guided by the philanthropic legacy of Madam C. J. Walker and her cause of economic empowerment for women funded through her entrepreneurial successes.

Walker’s Legacy Foundation Mission:

To provide a foundation of entrepreneurial, financial and professional support to improve the economic equality and entrepreneurial prosperity of women of color.

Position Overview:

WLF is currently hiring two part-time independent contractors to facilitate and lead our single mothers entrepreneurship and financial literacy curriculum for up to 25 participants in Washington, DC.

We are looking for instructors who will commit to facilitating a 6-week instructor-led classes scheduled to commence March 2019.


  • Organize, prepare and facilitate 6 week entrepreneurship instructions

  • Establish weekly communication in the form of check-ins as a point of contact for cohort support teams, and to ensure engagement and participation both in-person and via the program app.

  • Ensure cohort engagement in pre-session and post session work

  • Submit monthly program reports  using metrics provided by the Walker’s Legacy Foundation

  • Conduct bi-weekly 15 to 30 minute conference calls with participants to ensure engagement, obtain feedback and understand challenges or needs

  • Develop and manage a database of guest speakers/experts and ensure engagement via e-mail outreach  Conduct weekly email outreach to mentors to ensure engagement with participants.

  • Provide feedback and coaching to participants on pitches

Administrative Requirements:

  • Participate in Walker’s Legacy Foundation training session to discuss program, curriculum, app and cohort structures

  • Provide written reports to the Walker’s Legacy program associate on status of programming, training and other matters of importance and urgency to foundation and programming team

  • Conduct post program interview and debriefing with Walker’s Legacy Foundation national team

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of participants performance, improvement, participation and other vital components of engagement

Participant Recruitment and Retention

  • Aid in the promotion of programming with local and national program partners including the dissemination of information about the program

Expertise and Qualifications

  • BA or BS required, Master’s preferred

  • Personal experience or exposure to entrepreneurship, having successfully started and grown a business, with current knowledge of financial, marketing and/or business strategy;

  • Prior experience in teaching/coaching adult learners, preferably in the field of business;

  • Familiarity with and use of interactive teaching techniques, case-based learning, encouraging self-directed learning and reflection, and incorporation of participants’ past experiences and expertise;

  • Ability to create an environment of learning and personal accountability; including facilitating the development of a trustful and honest learning relationship amongst the participants, ensuring that learning objectives are met, and communicating the importance of course assignments to the development of participants’ businesses;

  • A toolbox of teaching skills that include skilled facilitation and presentation, excellent organization and time-management skills, ability to assess learning needs and respond appropriately—taking an individualized teaching approach as needed, good observation skills, appropriate analytical skills, fostering of reflection, giving and receiving feedback effectively;

  • Ability to aid and comfort working with women from varied socio-economic backgrounds and educational attainment levels.

  • Cultural competency and respect for diversity

  • Flexible, adaptable and engaging

  • Sincere interest in the economic advancement of lower-income single mothers


Contract Fee: $2,000

Instructors receive pre-program and ongoing training, bi-weekly meetings with Walker’s Legacy Foundation national team and other training opportunities.

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to subject line - “MWE Instructor DC)”.   Please also inform us on how you heard about this opportunity in your responses.  

Walker's Legacy Foundation